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It is funny how years back, gambling under the umbrella of lust was considered as one of the seven deadly cardinal sins. All things tend to dissipate with time and not only has the world of gambling changed its shade from being conducted behind the walls of magnificently designed casinos (or underground hovels) but the gambling train has mutated to the world of the internet. In this world, it does not get any better than the online gambling site, Titan Poker, which according to varied rankings comes in at first spot in the world of online gambling. Titan Poker, and specifically, its first deposit bonus feature, has earned pole position for the following reasons:

  • Software: The software that powers this online casino is designed in such fashion that the integrity of the system cannot be breached and this ensures that no element or party can game the system to their undue advantage. This element of integrity is key in earning the confidence of players in the system.
  • Language: The software that powers Titan Poker is available in some 15 languages and this is crucial in the sense that it widens the net in so far as the reach of potential players is concerned. The evidence of this is all clear because Titan Poker records some of the largest online traffic (globally) in this still nascent industry of online gambling.
  • Winnings: The monthly price money that flows from the coffers of the Titan Poker site essentially hits the Million mark monthly. From the weekly tournaments that Titan Poker hosts $ 200,000 is guaranteed in weekly earnings, signing up to Titan Poker also guarantees the newbie some $ 2000 in bonus money- money that is of course redeemed by successive completion of stages within sixty days. The newbie has to essentially go against the run of play and prove self, to make that first deposit bonus payment.
  • Games galore: Variety is the spice of life, so said some great mind whose name does not immediately come to mind, and variety of the gaming options is what you get when you stop by Titan poker. The games that are offered by this online casino site are as follows: Seven Card Stud Hi, Five card stud with full ring, heads up tables. The tournaments that are run by the online casino are also a myriad with the premier tournament being the European Championship of Online Poker that has prize money that runs into millions of dollars.

Titan Poker Table
The first deposit bonus payment is a feature that is opened up to the first time visitor of the site who gets to sign up into the online game via an agent – PL.Com. As mentioned earlier in the article, the 1st deposit payment is an outgrowth of the new player progressively playing into higher leagues; a period that has a maximum ceiling of some 60 days. The online game, Titan Poker, that was founded in the year 2005, can be downloaded and will only occupy only 11.9 Mb of your hard drive. The game is also audited by the gaming commission and independent auditors thus ensuring that all its activities are essentially above board.

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